Green V.E.G. (Vegetarians, Everyone Else & Going green) was created in early 2009 to bring news on the latest news for Vegetarians, Everyone else and on Going Green – so on and so forth. With 2/3 of the U.S.’ people Obese, something of this magnitude has to be dealt with. It is hard to address the issue of obesity, and unhealthy habits of the nation. But somebody has to do it.

About and History of The Green V.E.G. (ME!)

Much like any family, “Meat” is a typical food to have in any meal with the family. Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream was pretty much the food I liked. Oh yeah, can’t forget Cheese – and LOTS of it!! Eating chicken (fried, grilled.. anyway) and pepperoni (especially on Pizza!) mostly when I was young – I was pretty much turned off from the idea of consuming any type of animal (of course, besides like – Chicken or Pepperoni!!).

When I was about 10 or so I decided to start to be a Vegetarian. I figured, if I thought it was cruel to eat one type of meat but not another, wasn’t I sort of picking sides? Saying, Chicken are ok to eat, but I don’t support Animal Cruelty. I wasn’t true to myself, and I definitely didn’t want to be considered one of those “Chicken eating Vegetarians”, I know many of you exist out there – like I used to. I wanted to change.

Still eating meat ever so often (primarily chicken at that time), maybe 2 or 3 times a month.. I gradually moved on removing all forms of meat from my diet. While doing so I also kicked the Milk, moving to the very delicious Vanilla Soy Milk! After moving away from Chicken, I found myself craving some sort of “meat” in my diet. I found these alternative foods called Boca & Morningstar Meatless Soy products. This introduced me to a whole entire new type of “meat”. I could now eat Sausage, Bacon, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and my current favorite Chik’n Patties (which are SO good, must I add). I could now experiment with cooking, much like I had seen on the Food Network over and over, but I disliked the meat (very much), so this was just amazing to me! I couldn’t believe that these foods, which very much mimic’d the actual meats were only made from Soy Beans!

SOY, and how it has changed my life for the better

When someone mentions SOY, what does that mean to you? To me, it means a very easy Animal free product that includes 100s of options. Including (but not limited to): Soy Butter, Soy Cheese, Soy Ice Cream, Soy Chik’n Patties, Soy Sausage Patties/Links, Soy Bacon and Soy Milk (all my favorites!).

It’s about the animals, if it’s not about your health

Soy ‘Meat’ has on average 75% less fat than normal Meats, are 100% Vegetarian (Possibly Milk or Dairy in general may have been used) and in some cases even 100% Vegan (meaning NO Animal Products have been used at all). How I see it, if you have options of these “Meat-less” meats, and you have the urge to become vegetarian it should take you no more than a few moments to think that over. If you can easily replace your currently meats for Soy Meats, what are you waiting for? For all the lovable animals out there every year that are killed for food, the least you can do is dapple a little bit into the Vegetarian/Vegan-lifestyle. Who knows, you might even Enjoy being healthy, and keeping your body free from Animal products for awhile, maybe even for a lifetime!

Let’s live as one, whether it’s eating Meat, Dairy/Cheese or just Vegetables & Fruit!

We all have different views on anything. From why Hunting animals and shooting them may be right/wrong or why eating at Burger King is right/wrong. It’s almost a double standard to say the unhealthy food at fast food is acceptable in this society. Like saying: drinking Soda is Okay. Smoking Cigarettes are still legal, but are our #1 killer (and are very legal). And Alcohol kills tens of thousands every year from drunk driving (get that, you don’t even need to DRINK and you’re in danger from the drunks on the road – that you can’t even avoid!) So why is food such an untouched territory. Why is it insulting anyone when you bring up their food intake (if it’s possibly too big), why are people so against the idea of change and against the idea that their food may possibly NOT be healthy.

Why are people so against the fact of giving up Meat, and say “EW” to the possibilities of Soy products that can make endless products from a Soy Bean and can possibly spare billions of animals every year if it were actually accepted in the community.

Why have Vegetables and Fruits been given the “hush-hush”, and the norm is a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and a 12pack of Pepsi. This is the reality my graduating class is going through, if we weren’t guided in high school – when is the time they learn? If they don’t teach real health and nutrition in schools then we will never get there.

Why I have a website, and why I think it can benefit YOU!

Having given up on pushing my values and beliefs on people for what is right or wrong for animal cruelty (for example, the eating of meats, or animal products of any kind). To not be accepted for my “values” and ideas what is endangering the earth. To tell someone my ideas, just to once again not be accepted by them because they have different values. Most people don’t care about how the animal dies in the process of getting to their favorite # at Taco Bell or Burger King. However, I do. I care what type of waste I dispose, and the impact that I make on the earth. I care where my food comes from, and what I eat. I hate how the “norm” for food is the very much unhealthy Fast food. Sugar Soda (Coke/Pepsi) is the norm too, especially for young people. How dare someone say “EW” to something as harmless as plain water and think it’s okay to eat their Double Cheese Burger from McD and think nothing of it besides how delicious it is.

Everything I ever find online that I find can be socially engaging, and is an issue I believe that needs discussing, will be discussed here at Green V.E.G. Knowledge is power, and if you are willing to learn – I will help you do so. I will help us all grow with knowledge of health. If you care about the animals, recycling, green energy, care about where your food comes from and what you eat – this here is for you!

While Vegetarianism may not be an accepted in some families (mine included), and completely eliminating Meat from peoples diets might seen mind-boggling (as it is to my closest friends and my parents). Having an open mind about changing our world, changing the standards of eating and let’s grow as a civilization. Let’s move as one, let’s learn as one.