Animal Planet’s Vegan Show


Eating a strict vegan diet is all the rage nowadays. It’s the in thing, all the cool-kids are baking Vegan, who’s NOT doing it?! It’s time our bodies started saying “Hey! My body’s had too many Simple Sugars – it’s time for a change!” If you aren’t – why in the world not!? It’s great tasting, healthy – usually organic, and great for you in every way shape and form (and even satisfies your sweet tooth.)

The Animal Planet channel will air a show about a vegan baker this summer.

By Anna Peraino @ VegNews

Animal Planet has announced that this summer they will air Sweet Avenger, a docu-soap about vegan baker and animal-rights activist Danielle Konya. The series will center around Konya, a 36-year old single mother and owner of Vegan Treats, a bakeshop based in Bethlehem, Penn. Konya hopes that Sweet Avenger will help people realize that vegan food is both satisfying and compassionate. “I want to show people that by eating a vegan confection, you’re directly saving the lives of cows, chickens, and thereby the environment and habitats of thousands of other exotic species,” says Konya. Veganism is gaining serious momentum on the silver screen: Martha Stewart is devoting an entire episode of her show to veganism today featuring Kathy Freston, Biz Stone, and Gene Baur.

Since when can you say your morning Cupcake or Muffin has health benefits from consuming one.. or two “deserts” a day? Now you can blissfully and without guilt Animal Planet vegan style-Food Network ninja upchuck battle reality-show Cake Boss meets Ace of Cakes.. who knows. Now, am I right? Coconut oils, Nuts Agave Syrup and so many other things you can blend up in a Vitamix or Blendtec are all great for vegan baking (with hundreds of health benefits!).

So many directions tthis “Vegan Show” could go! It’s unfortunate to hear that it sounds like they’re going from the Green “save the animals” approach, but – hey, that’s not bad! That’s the main reason why I would suggest this, but the health is the most important. Let’s hope they shine the brighter lights on the further benefits that Green V.E.G. represents on health, animals, the environment and everything else Going Green!

This is exactly why Animal Planet has figured this “in” niche indeed needed a Vegan Show. I think it’s about time. Can’t wait for this to air, just now – Food Network where is the Vegan cooking? Let’s hope this is reputable and shows the best of what Vegan cooking has to offer.


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