Food Dyes Cause Hyperactivity


Red Dyes and Food Coloring in general has always been a “red flagged” bad food for me. It has either been consumed unknowingly, or accidentally by the now: Label reading me. Red #40 Food Coloring is one that is linked to Hyperactivity such as ADD or ADHD.

The FDA will host a public meeting to discuss the link between artificial coloring and hyperactivity.

By Anna Peraino @ VegNews

The dye that makes ketchup red could be a cause of hyperactivity in children. While the possible link between artificial coloring and hyperactivity has been discussed for the past 40 years, recent research that found increased levels of hyperactivity in children who consumed artificial coloring has prompted the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to step in.

Today and Thursday, the FDA will host public meetings on the subject, hearing from both experts and interested parties, and will use the talks to decide on a course of action. The FDA currently approves of seven dyes for use in the US.

I have personally home-self diagnosed myself with these conditions of over activity and point all fingers to dyes I ate when I was a child (now a big no-no!) But having refused any “scientifically” proven meds and went on to Raw Veggies and Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyles to improve my life.

I feel it is nearly my job to erradicate these food colorings, and anything else that would put a damper on any human being just because the countries we live in “allow” the dyes. This must be stopped, people who don’t know better are consuming this is dangerous amounts. They don’t know, we know better – but, they insist on putting it in our foods. Let’s hope this is a positive change!!!


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