Go Green(er) with Cardboard Thumb Drives


Finally! Someone’s read our minds. While thumb drives may have been a big deal back in the 90’s, they’re quickly going the way of CDs as a dated medium for information transport.

What better way to show your support for greener options such as e-mail, Dropbox, and all of the cloud storage solutions out there than to only grab thumb drives constructed out of disposable cardboard?

Are Cardboard Flash Drives a new wave of the future, disposable yet sharable media that we don’t need to rely soley on the internet for – what do you think?

Written by Anthony Nguyen at Unplggd

I’ll admit – I’ve had my share of fun with designer USB drives in the form of cute Chewbacca and KidRobot characters cartoons, but over the past few years, all my thumb drives have been idden away in a drawer somewhere. I’ve long switched over to quicker, more immediate file sharing methods where my files can immediately be posted somewhere and backed up in two or more places with little to no effort. Meanwhile, the thought of having to plug anything in via USB just sounds tedious.

Designed by Art Lebedev (yes the same guys that brought you that super-cool, way-overpriced keyboard), these amazing little disposable cardboard flash drives come sold in sets of four, easily dividable via perforations between the drives. You know, so you can split one with a friend if they’re ever in need of one for some reason.

You can grab them in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. The best part? You can write directly on them, just like a postcard!


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