KFC Is No Longer “Finger Lickin’ Good”


The slogan “finger lickin’ good” for KFC chicken is American as, well, apple pie. But the British media is reporting that the fast-food restaurant chain has abandoned it’s traditional advertising motto.

No, they’re not changing to healthier oils, wouldn’t that be nice? Let’s think about this as a possible win for human kind, no more subliminal messaging to remind you of the good ol’ heart attack clogging oils on your fingers any longer to draw you into being decieved by the system that it is ever “healthy” chicken. But, with this is KFC’s acceptance into offering everything under the sun on their menus, most definitely full of even more MSG than you can shake a stick at. Besides, everybody that eats their food really knows exactly what they’re eating.. right?

Slogan change part of the chicken franchise chain’s makeover

Written by: Robert Halprin at Indy Posted:

A visit to KFC’s corporate website seems to confirm that the new catchphrase is a slimmed-down “so good” and apparently part of the company’s focus on healthier (it clams) ingredients other than it’s top-secret chicken recipe and menu items other than fried chicken.

As reported in the DailyMail and elsewhere, a KFC official in the UK gave a very odd, corporate-speak, explanation for the change:

Martin Shuker, chief executive of KFC UK and Ireland said: ‘”Finger lickin’ good” is very good but it’s very food centric.’

‘”So Good” is still about the food but it also allows us to more effectively communicate the breadth of different things about the brand, such as our people and our community,’ said Mr Shuker.

“Finger lickin’ good” has been around for over 50 years. The well-known slogan came about entirely by chance:

The catchphrase originated by accident in the 1950s when franchisee David Harman was shown eating chicken and licking his fingers in the background of an American TV commercial. A viewer phoned up to complain about the incident and spoke to manager Ken Harbough, who replied: ‘Well it’s finger lickin’ good.’

Do you think Col. Sanders would approve of this change?

[Read More: Daily Mail]


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