Radiation Dosage Chart


Everybody is subject to radiation whether you realize it or not and like it or not. From what you eat, heat up your food in/with, or just everything you are subjected to each and everyday – EVERYWHERE. Everyone who lives on this planet has been exposed to toxic radiation poisoning. It is especially important for cancer patients who have had radiation, and people who have had X-Rays as this is an additional radiation load.

You can’t avoid it, you can kind of minimize it for the most part (minimial doctor or dentist visits) – and you shouldn’t be too worried for the most part (kind of). Well, unless you really put yourself at risk by doing some high Radiation activities as seen below:

Click the image above to see the full sized version and possibly check out InformationIsBeautiful’s page to check for an updated version in the future.

Check out this Radiation “Dosage” Chart in full by clicking the image above.


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