Waka Flocka Joins PETA for “Ink Not Mink” Campaign


RumorFix caught up with Waka Flocka during his photo shoot for PETA‘s “Ink Not Mink” campaign. Get a behind the scenes peak of the photo shoot, plus Waka talks about how he became interested and PETA and why he joined up with them.

Waka has linked up with PETA for their “Ink Not Mink” campaign!

Waka joins PETA’s list of celebs who show off their ink to generate awareness about cruelty to animals and the fur trade. When asked about the campaign, Waka said “Animals should be treated the same as you would a kid,” he said. “Would you want someone just to walk up and skin your kid? Hell no!” Fellow celebs that have been on the campaign include musicians Mario, Tommy Lee, Lady Gaga, and sport stars Chad Ochocinco, Dennis Rodman, Ama’re Stoudemire, and Gibert Arenas.

Via Waka Flocka 1017

Behind The Scenes of Waka’s “Ink Not Mink” Photo shoot for PETA!



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